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Since 1992, Kevin Roach has been amusing cottage owners and fish lovers with his original folk art. From his signature fish chairs and tables, to his kitschy lamps, vibrant paintings and found object assemblages his style and sense of humour evoke the golden age of Ontario Cottage Country.

Originally using the fish from his native Ontario as inspiration, Kevin has expanded his subject matter to include the iconic boats, float planes and symbols that dot the Canadian lakes and skies, but still honours the true traditions of folk art. As a self-taught painter and carver, he combines new designs and old discarded items for distinctive, amusing and often practical results.

Kevin was born in Grimsby, Ontario but his Cape Breton roots have served as a strong influence in his art. His father's carvings and woodwork have surrounded him all his life and his mother's innovative practicality has taught him to look at the world around him with a slightly different lense. Lately, Kevin has focused on paintings that combine his evolving style of folk art with a tongue in cheek storytelling to match. Throughout his career, Kevin has been featured in the finer arts and crafts shows in Ontario. He has been commissioned to create art that decorates cottages and homes all over Ontario, throughout Canada and even in the United States, Sweden and the U.K. Including those of Premier Bob Rae, musicians Ed Robertson and Murray McLauglin and many more.


Among his most exciting commissions, was his work for Absolut Vodka. The 1997 advertising campaign in Cottage Life magazine featured his wonderful chairs and was one of their most successful campaigns in Canada.