What Adult Porcupines Say

What Adult Porcupines Say

A long time ago I was working in a resort in Haliburton and the management there was kind enough to let myself and another employee make an inhouse magazine. We called in The Migrant Worker. It was a great deal of fun. I still have a few copies in a trunk somewhere. It was mostly satirical (ahead of it's time if I say so myself-see The Onion) and very much a poke at oursleves. The very first issue had a pilfered Far Side cartoon on the cover. It showed a living room with a couple of adult porcupines watching a baby porcupine playing with a balloon. The caption said "Well, this shouldn't last long."

Now, I know that sentiment isn't in keeping with New Year's Resolutions, but in a way, it makes me smile. From one year to the next I can always find areas for improvement, and one of those areas is to stop accenting the negative. Again this makes me smile. I've never been one to toot my own horn (not in a broadcast sense, anyway) and I really don't think a website blog is the proper venue for therapeutic disclosures. Yet, I may have stumbled upon a way to help me keep some plans straight. Keep a public record of what I plan to accomplish in the coming year.  And I can see the adult porcupines saying "Well, this shouldn't last long."

I am new to the world of blogs. And I'm sure the world has moved on and no longer blogs. I don't think I have ever read a blog. But when I was doing the One Of A Kind Christmas show here in Toronto this past December, I was thinking about a blog when I was watching a fashion show. My booth was very close to the stage in the middle of the hall where the OOAK took place. I saw two fashion shows a day. They were very well done. And in another part of this middle section there was a big screened TV that had little episodes dedicated to certain artists and how they do what they do. After watching these over and over again, I realized that I am by far the messiest artist out there! Everyone featured in these little profiles had an immaculate work space: everything in it's place, lots of natural light, no swearing. I think it would be great if there could be a combination Fashion show and artist profile. There could be an artist showing off his wares and telling people just what to do with it (there were a number of people who didn't know what to do with my stuff). 

So, that's what this is going to be for this year. Once a week (again, I hear the adult porcupines), I will try to post something that will further my exposure to the world. And embedded in these words there just might be a way for some readers to get some really good deals on some artwork. I the meantime, I will clean up my work place and cut back on my swearing and use more natural light.


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