Dream Pages

Dream Pages

 As a boy growing up in Grimsby, I sometimes got my hands on my older brothers Field and Stream and Outdoor Life Magazines. I'd glance over the fishing articles and the tales from real life about escaping from the clutches of an angry grizzly. But it was in the back pages that I really dreamed. It was in the back pages where the tiny ads that promised you could get rich by raising minks, rabbits and giant frogs. You could learn how to mount birds and animals for fun and profit. You could get your hands on tons of war surplus and buy CANADIAN LANDS very cheap because of tax seizures ( I dreamed long and hard about getting a paper route and spending my earnings on an island in Ontario that was going for $1200.00). There were other ads in the  magazine. In the front were the tourism ads for resorts and lodges in  Northern Ontario and Vermont and Maine. And there were the ads for rods and reels and lures  and guns and cool kits to convert your car into a  tent trailer (very reminiscent of the ill-conceived Pontiac Aztek).

I have just finished the first bunch of paintings in what I call the Ad Copy Series. They're mash-ups of ads from different pages of those dream books. they are anice size and  a nice price. To remind you of dreams

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